What is it for?

All the service providers are called upon from time to time to update the database. For providers who are members of our structure, all the information they update in Sirtaqui is validated and taken into account for the editions and on the website.
You will find information on how to connect to your professional space at the bottom of the page!

Sirtaqui is what is known as a Tourist Information System (TIS), in other words a tourist database. This TIS allows you to disseminate your information at several levels and on multiple media.

Each tourist service provider has his activity referenced (by completing the updating questionnaire) in the regional database and this is distributed free of charge by the CRT and CDT on their communication media. Any tourist service provider can be included in this database. 

On the web

The Tourist Office to which you have subscribed will post your information on its website. The Tourist Offices of neighbouring territories can also consult and choose to upload information from nearby territories onto their site. 

The Comité Départemental du Tourisme also uses Sirtaqui to feed its own website. 

Private tourism promotion sites such as the Guide du Lot-et-Garonne also use Sirtaqui, particularly for the Agenda section. 

MONA (Mission des Offices de Tourisme de Nouvelle-Aquitaine) and the Comité Régional du Tourisme de Nouvelle-Aquitaine also use this database, as well as the Datatourisme system, which is the national tourism database. The latter allows for example to feed national sites and magazines such as Spectable, Cirkwi, the League for the Protection of Birds, the TER trains... 

On paper

This database also allows all these organisations to feed their paper editions with information considered to be up to date. This content is also sent to the press on request. 

At the reception desk

Thanks to these elements, the teams of the Tourist Offices throughout the region can access and know your offer in order to better talk about it to visitors. By updating your information, you enable the Aquitaine Tourist Office network to ensure quality promotion for your establishment. 

Statistics and mailings 

For your information, this tool is also used by the Tourist Offices to record statistics on visitor numbers, the origin and profile of visitors, requests, and to process letters and emails via a specialised interface. The figures then allow us to draw up our periodic reports, analyse the flows in the area and adapt our reception and information dissemination strategy (SADI). 

What's new in 2021 on the 47: your professional space

Until the summer of 2021, the team at your tourist office was the only one able to work on your files and you were asked to update them once a year via an online questionnaire. From this year on, we will give you access to a new professional space. This interface is called "V.I.T. extranet". Your Tourist Information. It allows you to access all year long your information registered in the database to check, complete or modify it. 

You can thus write the presentation of your establishment(s), add equipment, modify your opening periods and/or rates, etc.

Any modification will be submitted for validation by the Sirtaqui referent of your Tourist Office, which will also allow the team to take note of your new products at the same time (= watch). 

Please note: at certain times, in winter for example, when the team is preparing the editions, we will ask you not to intervene on your file(s). Don't panic, we'll let you know when the time comes! 

How to connect? 

You can connect to the extranet by clicking here:  

Don't forget to save it in your favourites! 

You can then enter your e-mail address and the password, which was sent to you by e-mail on 10 September (check your Spam/junk folder!). 

From your first connection and at any time, you will be able to modify them by clicking on the logo at the top right of the home page and by selecting "My account" in the menu. 

If you cannot find this email or if you have not received it, please contact Carine who will send it to you: or by phone at the Villeréal office (+33 5 53 36 09 65).

Your access to the extranet is unique and allows you to access all your offers listed in the database. In spite of the care taken in generating the login and passwords, if you find that you do not have access to one or more of your offers or if you have received several passwords, contact us and we will intervene to group them all together.


For more information on Sirtaqui, you can consult this page: